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Tim and I both officially retired from our previous occupations and ministries. What does that mean for us? We found our "tires" were worn out and the "treads on life" were wearing thin. We did the "penny" trick and made some carefully measured calculations. We decided to retire to Texas - choosing to live near to our sons and their families. Also, it is a little cheaper to live on retirement income and not so much rain and cloudy weather.

Now we are choosing to live in the RV full-time for a while, however, we have a place we are renting with a studio for Bev to do sewing when we are in the area that includes a "storefront" during the "First Monday Trade Days" in Canton, TX. This site is all about the journey and details of what we have for sale. If something is of interest to you - we will appreciate you buying American and supporting a "re-tired" couple.

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